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5 Reasons You Should be a River Guide this Summer

Our guide school is this weekend so it got us thinking, why be a river guide anyway? We came up with handful reasons to guide whitewater but they could apply to going on a rafting trip in general too. Being on the water is ultimate during the summer and there are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful Kern River.

1. Outdoor Adventure
How many jobs in the world allow you to be outside and on the water having fun all day? Not only are you fulfilling your quest for freedom and adrenaline you get to share these once in a lifetime river experiences with customers that probably sit in an office all day for work. You are their adventurous summer vacation! How cool is that?

2. Seasonal Work
Change is good! Work with the seasons, change it up and keep it interesting. There is the potential to chase rivers all year round or you could change up your job specialty with the weather. The perfect summer job while not in school (only have to be 16 to guide), give that studying a break, give yourself some much deserved outdoor time. The possibilities for seasonal work are endless if you’re stoked to travel and try new things!

3. Calling all Adrenaline Junkies
The river moves fast, there are obstacles and many variables. If you talk to any raft guide they will love to tell you at least one story of a wild experience they’ve had on the water with or without customers. The river can be unpredictable when you are taking people for their first time….customers themselves can be unpredictable! You really never know what kind of day you will have on the river but no matter what it will be fun, full of adrenaline and definitely memorable.

4. Get Paid to Camp
Get paid to camp, get paid to go on adventures! Kern River Tours offers a couple different overnight trips. Our most popular is on the lower Kern that starts with mellow class II-III the first day, camping on a private riverside beach then stepping it up to a full day of class IV rapids the next day. As a guide you enjoy this full experience as well but you’re getting paid!

5. Family
This is not your average family. The river family is like no other. You meet new friends, long lost brothers from another mother and form life long connections. The river creates bonds in a way that you might not find anywhere else. Looking for your tribe? The river is calling.

Does this sound like the perfect summer job or what? We’d like to hear from you! Maybe instead of guiding customers you’d like to take a guided trip down the Kern River, either way we’d love to share these experiences with you.

Are you already a guide? What can we add to this list? What keeps you coming back for more or got you guiding in the first place? We want to hear from you too!

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