Guide School

Comments from Guide School  participants:
"The school was more than I expected,  I learned so much this week, very well done."

Kern River Tours offers a guide school each spring to bring in potential employees for the upcoming season, and to provide a course for private boaters on river running. The guide school itinerary complies with the United States Forest Service requirements for guide training.The goal of our school is to educate individuals on whitewater river running and the safety aspects that go along with the sport.

"It far exceeded what I had expected.  I have never eaten so well in all the trips I have been on."

The school is held over a five-day period, usually in the latter part of April. The cost of the school is $445, which includes everything necessary throughout the five-day period of the guide school. You will be supplied with a wetsuit (bring your own if you prefer) and lifejacket. Food for the five days (12 full meals) beginning with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on day five will be supplied. Instruction on preparation of river meals will be covered.

"The guides teaching the school were informative, knowledgeable, sincere, and tactful the whole five days.  Not only did they teach how to work well together, they demonstrated it all the time."

Kern River Tours does select employees from our guide school to work in the upcoming season. The number of individuals selected depends on the need we have for the season, and that depends largely on the snow pack we received in the winter. Attending guide school does NOT secure you with a position as a raft guide with our company; it does, however, provide you with valuable information and experience that pertain to whitewater rafting. Guide school is a great place to meet people that have similar interests and to have a great time at a reasonable expense.

"I was really impressed with the experience of the guides" "Overall an "A" course with great food"

The school is limited to 25 participants and fills up each year. If you would like to attend the school for private knowledge or to apply for a job with Kern River Tours give us a call and request “guide school information”.

A letter and application will be sent to you, when you return your application and deposit a space in the school is reserved for you. Call us at 1-800-844-7238 or 1-800-573-7238.

We look forward to seeing you on the river.

1-800-844-RAFT or 1-800-573-7238