Upper Kern: Lickety Split

Lickety Split Upper Kern Three choices: The Lickety Split, The Double Split and The Lickety Fun Run. These trips include several challenging rapids for an exciting splashy ride, just perfect for inexperienced rafters and children.

Lickety Split & Double Split: For twice the fun, run it again for a Double Split.

Trip Name Miles Prices
Lickety Split 3 $38
Double Split 6 $55
Please ADD 3% US Forest Fee

Lickety Fun Run: Multiple Lickety Split runs constitute this trip. The day begins with guided raft trips. Lunch is included.

Trip Name Miles Prices
Sunday - Friday Saturday
Lickety Fun Run 12 $105 $115
Please ADD 3% US Forest Fee

1-800-844-RAFT or 1-800-573-7238