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We Love Our Customers

And they love our food!

Our Two-Day trip is fun for the whole family and includes four full meals, Kern River camping on our private sandy beach, two full days of whitewater rafting class II-IV (beginner to intermediate) and two jump rocks. This highly desired trip offers an experience you will never forget. Click HERE to book your trip now!

Here’s an awesome highlight video of our Two-Day trip on the lower Kern River from the perspective of Ericsur6, one of our customers, who seemed to really enjoy everything about it, especially the food 

Thanks Eric! Hope we’ll get to take you again sometime.

  1. Ted Miller Reply

    This guy put sunscreen on his forehead. NEVER put sunscreen on your forehead!!

    You sweat, then the sweat from your forehead, mixed with sunscreen, gets into your eyes.

    Ruins the rest of your day.

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