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Phone 1-800-573-7238 Email: [email protected]

In order to reserve space on any of our trips, you will need to call our office at (800) 844-7238 OR (800) 573-7238. We are able to give you information about the river and the surrounding valley as well as help you decide which trip will best suit your rafting abilities at the time. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Trips booked more than 30 days of trip date

Reservation is held 10 days pending receipt of deposit. If NO deposit is received within 10 days, the reservation is automatically cancelled. Please call immediately for space available to re-instate.

The amount of DEPOSIT is due as follows:

    Upper Kern Trips

  • The Sampler ($50 per person)
  • One Day Upper ($50 per person)
  • Lickety Fun Run ($50 per person)
  • Thunder Run ($50 per person)
  • Forks of the Kern ($100 per Person)


Lower Kern Trips

    • Picto ($50 per person)
    • Gusto ($50 per person)
    • Two Day Overnight  ($50 per person)  

All Payments, once received, are non refundable

The balance (full payment) is due 30 days before the trip date

Trips booked within 30 days of trip date

Payment in full is due immediately. Payment is non refundable.



Our cancel policy is firm. We operate under stringent federal regulations which restrict the number of guests per trip and the number of trips per season. We incur substantial expenses before each trip departs, and in the event of late cancellations, Kern River Tours is unable to recover costs, nor can we make refunds. Cancellations made at any time are subject to complete loss of trip cost. You are responsible to find a replacement person, that replacement person is responsible to refund you.

To change a reservation date you will incur a $30 flat rate charge per change. If trip is within 10 days of departure, there is no refund or moving to another date.

We do not refund in case of inclement weather (you get wet one way or the other!). Nor do we refund if you are not satisfied with the type of trip you have chosen. We do our best to explain the differences in the trips available, please read the literature and choose wisely.

If your reservation happens to be cancelled due to nonpayment and you would like to reinstate it call our office for availability. Payment must be made in full at the time of your reinstatement.

1-800-844-RAFT or 1-800-573-7238

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