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Family Day

Tuesday and Wednesday of each week is family day. On these days, children will receive 25% off with an adult paying full fare on a 2-Day, Picto, Gusto, One Day Upper Kern, or Thunder Run.

Group Discounts

Nonprofit, scout, church, and corporate groups qualify for a discount. In order to receive this discount, only one payment transaction will be accepted. This offer is available for trips on any day except weekends and holidays.

Booking Agents

Any booking agent will receive 10% of the cost of the trip after the trip has gone (weekdays only).

Return Customers (same season, Mon-Thurs)

Customers who return during the same season may receive a discount on their second trip. This discount applies to 1/2 day and longer trips and excludes holidays.

Please call for other current specials, 1-800-844-7238 or 1-800-573-7238.

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